Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Woolly Wednesday #1

I've been ogling a lot of fiber lately.  I love wool in all of it's many varieties.  Ever since I was a child, I've been fascinated by the entire process of shearing and carding and dying and spinning and knitting (or crocheting, as the case may be).  I remember going to those interactive this-is-how-the-pioneers-did-stuff museums and getting to try my hand at carding and thinking, "Gosh, it'd be cool to have my own sheep to shear and spin my own yarn."  I still think that'd be cool.  And maybe someday I will have my own furry critters, but for now, one of my best sources for fiber in all its stages is the internet.

And while I'm drooling over all this lovely stuff, I thought it'd be fun to share the woolly goodness with my readers.  So welcome to the inaugural edition of Woolly Wednesday.  Now, on to the good stuff...

Ecru/Undyed/Natural Light Merino from SheepishCreations
I love handpainted/dyed fibers, but one should never underestimate the beauty of wool in its natural state.  Just look at this stuff!  It's gorgeous!  I love that shade of grey and all the subtle variations in color...  Umph.

Blackbird - Merino/Bamboo/Firestar from butterflygirldesigns
I love the colors in this.  They're just so gorgeous together.  But that hint of sparkle from the firestar is what really makes it, I think.  So pretty!

Handspun Merino Wool and Mulberry Silk from LunabudKnits
Holy cow.  I am absolutely in love with this colorway.  It's just so... happy!  It'd make a great hat or scarf, I think.  It would make you smile all winter long!  Plus, I imagine this feels absolutely delicious.  Wool and silk?  Yum.

Spinning Tools
0.80 oz. Red Heart Drop Spindle from 3gwoodworks
I've done a lot of shopping around and reading up on spindles and there are lots of really nice, very pretty ones to be found - like everything made by 3gwoodworks.  They're quite simple, but also quite lovely.  And I've heard they spin wonderfully.  It was really hard to pick a favorite, but I really love the color of the red heart here.  

Now if only I had infinite monies so I could buy all of these lovely goodies...  Ah, well.  A girl can dream.  Now what about you, dear reader?  Been eyeing any pretty fibers lately?

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