Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tentacle Tuesday: Lighted Jellyfish Sculpture

I've probably already mentioned this, but in case I haven't - I really things with tentacles.  Octopuses, squids, jellyfish... I love them all.  So I'm always on the lookout for cool tentacle-critter-related items, and I thought while I was looking, I might as well share.  So welcome to the first installment of Tentacle Tuesday.

In light of this auspicious occasion, I have found what might just be the coolest piece of tentacle art I've ever seen.  Check this baby out:

This totally kick-ass sculpture is made from reclaimed plastic beverage bottles and it glows in the dark.  Plus there is a battery-operated light in the lid of the jar, which means you could totally use this as an incredibly awesome nightlight.  

I can hardly even think of anything intelligible to say about this.  So I'll just point you to the shop - 10tacles - so you can join me in drooling.

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