Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Inaugural Post: Who, What, Why

Greetings and salutations, Dear Readers!  We'd like to introduce you to our little blog by answering a few simple questions...

Who the heck are we?
No one you've ever heard of.  Which sucks, 'cuz we're pretty awesome people - definitely the kind you want to know.  We're a pair of super-creative ladyfolk who basically live for making stuff.  We are geeks, goths, steampunk aficionados, Japanese fashion enthusiasts, foodies, anachronists, DIY-ers, bookworms, etc.  We love shopping - perusing antique stores, wiling away hours in bookstores, digging through piles of cool junk at flea markets.  We enjoy cooking - Asian food especially - and baking.  We collect dolls, art, vintage gloves, teacups, and books (our library counts as a collection, right?).  Basically, we were born at the wrong time, in the wrong country, and we're just doing our best to cope.

What are we doing here?
Short answer:  makin' stuff.  When we're not trapped by the necessary drudgery of things like work, there's a good chance you'll find us creating something.  What sort of something is hard to say.  We write, we make jewelry, we design graphics, we knit and crochet, we sew, we make costumes, we paint and draw and play with clay...  There is a veritable smorgasbord of creative materials and techniques, and we like to load our plate with a little bit of everything and go back for seconds.  And thirds.

Which is why we call this thing a "collective."  After a few attempts to compartmentalize our creativity into separate blogs and social networking accounts and such, we decided that was far too much like trying to juggle a dozen balls of yarn without getting tangled up and that it was time to simplify matters.  So here we are, smooshing everything into one big, crafty, creative blog, reveling in variety rather than catering to a single segment of the craft pie.

More specifically, we'll be sharing our various projects, including tutorials for the really cool stuff.  We'll share things that inspire us.  We'll review crafty books.  We might even share the occasional recipe.  And in addition to all of the general crafty goodness, you can expect a big helping of home decorating too.  We've just moved into an adorable little A-frame in the woods, and once we've got all these boxes out of the way, we've got some major decorating and organizing to do.  And of course, we'll be sharing the whole thing right here.

Why are we doing this?
Why not?  It's fun for us.  It's fun for you (we hope).  Everyone wins!

But also because the whole point of making stuff is to share it with other people.  Sure, we do it for ourselves because we enjoy it, but the real fun comes when we share the finished product with someone else.  What good would a painting be if there was no one to look at it and appreciate it?

Our aim is not to impress, but to inspire.  We are firm believers that creativity is a trait we all possess - that you really can do anything you set your mind to, whether it's making a necklace or building a bookcase.  You just have to be willing to jump in and try.  We're hoping that looking at our projects will inspire you to go out and try your own.  We get so much inspiration from the crafting community, and we want to give a little back.  Like the Circle of... Craft.  Or something.

Posting will probably be a bit sporadic for a bit while we work on unpacking, be we hope you'll follow us, add us to your reader of choice, sign up for email notifications or keep up with us by whatever method you prefer and stick around for all the fun that's to come!

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