Monday, February 13, 2012

Get Inspired: Science

Science if often viewed as the opposite of creativity, but that's never seemed quite right to me.  The way I see it, science and creativity go hand in hand.  That's a concept I'm currently exploring in my art, and while I don't have any pieces that are ready to show just yet, I thought I'd share some of the things that are inspiring me.

Antique Medical Items

We recently discovered a booth at one of our local antique shops that sells old bottles - including medicine bottles - and after much debate, picked up these two.  I loved the shape and the label on the Oil of Cloves bottle.  And the other was something I'd never even heard of, so of course, I had to have it.

I'm sure this is just the beginning of this collection.  There's another antique store nearby that has some other bottles and implements and gadgets and gizmos, so I'm looking forward to returning there once I have found a space to store and display things.

Anatomy Illustrations
Whilst on the prowl for interesting ephemera to use in my collages and such, I happened upon this awesome site, which specializes in just that sort of thing and happens to have a great collection of scientific illustrations.  Including an entire page of anatomy illustrations.  This heart here is one of my favorites.

I've always been fascinated by anatomy.  I remember flipping through the set of medical encyclopedias we had when I was a child, pouring over the illustrations and photos.  I could spend happily hours like that.  So the piece I'm currently working on that utilizes these illustrations is a nod to my childhood as well as an exploration of my current inspirations.

Plus, it involves hearts, so I can say I made it for Valentine's day.

Skeletal Articulation
photo by Buzz Hoffman
I've always thought bones were beautiful, and the articulated skeletons you see in museums always amazed me.  I often wondered how it was done and what it would be like to work on what is essentially a complex, three-dimensional puzzle.  I still do wonder.  And maybe someday I'll try my hand it.  Until then, I'll just sit back and be inspired.

photo by stijn
I have similar feelings about taxidermy as I do about articulated skeletons.  I think there's something marvelous about preserving a creature's natural beauty long after it has ceased to live.

While we no longer need to rely so heavily on preservation in order to study things, it was once absolutely pivotal, and it is truly an art.  An art which science helped to perfect.  I think that's a beautiful thing.

So now that you've had a look at my current inspirations, why not leave a comment and tell me about yours?

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