Monday, February 6, 2012

This Week's Inspirations: New Supplies!

Yesterday was my birthday, and one of my special birthday treats this weekend was an excursion to one of our local yarn stores and the awesome little art supply shop next door.  I've been wanting to try spinning for a while now, and I've been reading up on spinning with a spindle lately, so I was hoping I could find some supplies at the yarn store.

Sure enough, tucked away in the back of the store, I found a lovely little spinning oasis.  There were fibers of all sorts in an array of colors, books, carders, and several gorgeous spinning wheels.  The only thing missing was spindles, which were temporarily out of stock.  I decided to grab some wool anyway.  Spindles are simple devices, and I thought I might be able to find the materials to make one in the meantime.

I looked over all of the fibers and did a lot of debating, but there was one bundle of roving that just kept calling to me, and I knew I had to have it.  Just look at this gorgeousness:

I'm hoping spinning will be a happy experience, and I can't imagine how I could possible spin this stuff and not be happy.  Look at those colors!  

Finding the supplies to make a spindle wasn't as easy as I hoped, though.  No one nearby seems to have the little wooden car wheels I need for the whorl.  So I'll either have to expand my search or wait until the shop gets more spindles or, perhaps, order one online.  I've found plenty of perfectly lovely spindles on Etsy.  I'm just not sure I have the patience to wait for one to arrive!  

On to the art supplies...  Kitty stocked up on pretty vintage papers and snagged an awesome ephemera package.  I can't wait to see what she does with it!  I, meanwhile, grabbed a few odds and ends...

I got a three-pack of canvas boards for more altered magazine art (most likely), a bunch of little glass bottles and a package of glass slides.  I have some really cool ideas for the slides, but I'm keeping them a secret while I experiment.  As for the bottles... I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do with them.  They'll probably wind up being part of a display I'm planning.  Mostly, I just got them because they appealed to me.  

So that's what's inspiring me this week - new goodies!  What's your current inspiration?

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