Monday, January 16, 2012

Organization by the Book: Week 3

How did last week go?  Quite well!  The task was to organize my schedule, and while my day-to-day schedule was already pretty well organized, my more long-term to-do's needed a bit of attention.  I made myself a master list of Things to Get Done and prioritized it, and just getting that accomplished made me feel much better.  I put some of the big items in my planner, and I'm going to put some of the more urgent items on my dry erase board once I decide on a nicely visible home for it, so I'll see it every day and remember to work on those things.  In sight, in mind, I hope.

This week's goal:
Organize my cleaning schedule.  This is another goal I've already got a bit of a jump on.  I've been working on tidying up one room each day during the week, and it's been going pretty well.  I've made pretty good progress conquering the post-move-in chaos and clutter.  Now I just need to work on scheduling tasks like sweeping, dusting, and other actual cleaning tasks.

I'll probably make myself a To Do list for each room with things to do each week, each month, etc.  I might even make it pretty and share it here, depending on how industrious I feel.

In the meantime, there's one big tip from the book that I'd like to share.  Whenever you're cleaning, carry a basket with you and when you come across something that doesn't belong in that room, just toss it in the basket and put back where it belongs later.  I decided to put this into practice when I first saw the idea whilst flipping through the book, and simple as it is, this really makes a difference.  You don't waste valuable cleaning time running around the house to put things away, but you don't run the risk of forgetting about those little out-of-place items either.  Genius!

So now it's your turn, readers.  Got any clever cleaning tips for me?

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